Why  Video?

All of the courses on VCE are video productions. This is great news for visual, as well as auditory learners!

University Credit

Some people move up the pay scale when the have graduate level courses. If that's you, now you can actually take courses specific to your field!


Plans  &  Pricing

Too good to be true? Almost!
Plans start at only $89 for 12 months. Even less for students and CF's. You can also buy individual courses. 


"I adore VCE! Finally the chance to learn practical information that I can implement the next day in therapy with my students!"  
Rachel Ort, MA, CCC-SLP


Your Devices

Take control of YOUR time on YOUR device. Anywhere. Anytime. Imagine watching your professional development on your phone or tablet.  How about watching on a big screen for a group?   All that is needed is an internet connection.


Groups & Organizations

Are you part of a group of 5 or more? Or part of a large organization? We have special prices for you! 

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"...Like most school based programs, our funds to support continuing education for our staff are limited.  Video Continuing Education has provided a terrific solution through the variety of ASHA approved courses offered.  Our program has benefitted from having professionals who feel supported by our agency, while learning current best practice information. The friendly user support we received from their staff was also much appreciated."  - Susan Graham, MS CCC-SLP, EI/ECSE Director

Live & Interactive

Each course starts out as a production.  The camera rolls and live streams whenever a new course comes around.  You can participate through live streaming, or you can come join the on-site audience.  Either way, you will have an amazing learning experience! All courses convert to Video On Demand, within 2 weeks of filming.

"Thank you so much! I have really enjoyed the courses-these have been the best CEU classes I have taken outside of actually attending the conference (although they may be even better than that as I can pause and stop and start them as I choose!) SO much better than reading everything- love the video recording. Such a great idea!!" - Haley Mortensen, MS CCC-SLP


Our presenters are the center of this website! We have been fortunate to have teamed up with the some of the greatest instructors of all time!  When we look for presenters, we look for those who are well informed, have experience and are engaging! We think you will agree that not only do they teach you evidence based material that you can use tomorrow, but they keep you interested!


Student Resources

Special pricing for students who are in a Speech-Language Pathology Masters program. Have you graduated recently?  There is special pricing for you too!  

"Thank you so much for giving a discount to students!! I absolutely LOVE your site. I was so scared before I started my clinical rotation. I was able to watch videos on how to treat my patients and it gave me the confidence I needed. I can't thank you enough!"   

-Savannah Glass, Graduate Student