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Treating ‘R’ With Therapeutic Tools, Presented by Jill Tate, MA CCC-SLP

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In this course, Jill Tate presents a variety of therapeutic tools for treating /r/ (and other difficult-to-treat sounds)  including: The Smart Palate Palatometer, tongue targets poster (palatography), auditory amplification tool, cheek-lip retractor, Speech Racer App, VowelViz App and a variety of practical methods designed to facilitate /r/ and R-blends in isolation, syllables, words, sentences, stories and conversation/generalization.  This course contains lecture, demonstrations, videos, photographs, and handouts.


Describe tongue -to-palate contact during sound production in isolation and during movement sequences with the use of the Smart Palate Palatometer by Complete Speech.

Demonstrate a /r/ in isolation by using a variety of stimulation techniques.

Assess whether to treat the many movement sequences that occur with /r/ and r-blends.

Decide whether to introduce a new app or other tool to facilitate and habilitate...not  devastate your client when treating /r/.

Additional Information

CEU Credits:  .2

Course Level:
Intermediate, Professional

Course Timeline:

25 minutes: Introduction and my family speech tree

 25 minutes: Introduction of the Smart Palate by Complete Speech

 60 minutes:  Methods for facilitating /r/ in isolation and then important steps to take when addressing /r/ sequenced with vowels and consonants. Steps of articulation therapy including: isolation, syllable, words, sentences, stories and conversation/generalization.

 10 minutes: Questions and answers or demonstrations.

 Disclosure Statement for Jill Tate: Financial: Jill Tate is a speaker for Video Continuing Education and receives royalties. Nonfinancial: No relevant nonfinancial relationships exist.