For years people have been learning invaluable skills and lessons in all kinds of areas from the podcast universe. We believe that learning from podcasts is just as valuable as taking continuing education courses, so we thought why not combine the two? SpeechPOD is the first podcast network to offer fully ASHA, and CE-Broker registered content to it's listeners. In order to earn credit for the SpeechPOD podcasts you listen to visit the SpeechPOD page of SpeechTherapyPD.com by following this link. 

Our Podcasters

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Char Boshart, MA, CCC-SLP

The Speech Link

Char is a speech-language pathologist, author, seminar presenter, and president and co-founder of Speech Dynamics, Inc. She graduated with her Master’s degree from Western Michigan University under the extraordinary tutelage of Dr. Charles Van Riper, the “father” of articulation therapy during the final years of his illustrious career. Check out her site on charboshart.com to see more.


Michelle Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP

First Bite

Michelle is an accomplished lecturer and has written and given numerous ASHA approved CEU lectures on such topics as Infantile Spasm and Oropharyngeal Dysphagia, along with Apps and ST, and co-authored a course on Best Practices in EI.  She has also given an AOTA-approved lecture on Sensory Integration from the SLP perspective.  Michelle has delivered lectures at the SCSHA Convention and twice with the SCATP Expo. 

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Lisa Layton, MS, CCC-SLP

The Speech Life

Maya Angelou said it best, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive: and to do with some passion, compassion, some humor and some style.” If you are looking for a creative podcast for Speech Language Pathologists filled with spirit, love of profession, and personality you’ve come to the right place! Join Lisa Layton on “The Speech Life” and her inspiring guests from varied backgrounds and topics to inspire a flourishing life and profession.